Our Team

Kurt Hackbarth

Is a writer, playwright, independent journalist and unredeemed political junkie. He is the author of two staged plays (La [medio] diezmada, 2011 and El ostrakón, 2012), the short-story collection Interrumpimos este programa (Ficticia, 2012), as well as articles and translations in both Spanish (Global, Animal Político, Tierra Adentro) and English (Jacobin, Progressive Army). A Connecticut native, he became a naturalized Mexican citizen in 2007.

Colin Mooers

Has been a Professor of Politics at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada for over thirty years. His publications include Imperial Subjects: Citizenship in an Age of Crisis and Empire (Bloomsbury, 2014); The New Imperialists: Ideologies of Empire (Oneworld, 2006); Restructuring and Resistance (Fernwood, 2000) and The Making of Bourgeois Europe (Verso,1991), as well as numerous book chapters and journal articles.

Nidia Rojas

Is the head of logistics, video recording and our photographic archive. Apart from her participation in MexElects, she is an arts administrator, photographer, bookbinder and restorer. To find out more about her work, watch this video or visit her bookbinding page on Facebook.