Bold, Bilingual Coverage of the Mexican Presidential Election

Mexico will be holding its presidential election on July 1st, 2018. If you’re not up on it, don’t feel bad: reporting on Mexico in much of the English-language press is woefully inadequate, handicapped by stereotypes, cultural and language barriers, cutbacks in news departments, and vested interests with axes to grind.

That’s where MexElects comes in. We are an independent media source devoted to covering this year’s campaign straight through election night...and beyond. Through videos, interviews, roundtable discussions, articles and blog posts, our aim is to provide up-to-the-minute analysis of the major developments - in both English and Spanish - while also providing a platform for issues and voices not covered by the mainstream media.

Along the way, we’ll introduce you to Mexico itself: its cities and towns, its food and drink, its art, music, architecture and, most importantly, its people. A political travelogue, if you will. Or rather, a way of seeing politics that is sensitive to both its cultural and historical context, which is where most standard, off-the-shelf analysis falls short. Join us.

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